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  • Gorilla trek in the wild: My top travel experience
    A question I often get asked is “Where was the best place you’ve visited”.  Now there’s no easy answer to that because I firmly believe there is something special and unique about every place on the planet!  What I tend to say is “My top travel experience so far was my gorilla trek”. Most people READ MORE
  • Halloween Destinations
    Whilst Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Australia, it has definitely grown in popularity in recent years.  Let’s face it, we all love an excuse to dress up! Although we have fun with our own celebrations, a lot of us dream of going all out like we see on the movies.  So here are my READ MORE
  • Zugspitze: The top of Germany
    An absolute highlight in Germany’s Bavaria region. Zugspitze is a must visit.
  • 5 Reasons why you should visit Cairns
    There are a multitude of reasons to visit Cairns but here are my top 5.
  • “Down Under” by Bill Bryson a book review
    A review of Bill Bryson’s “Down Under”. A funny, factual and entertaining look at Australia and all it’s unique quirks.

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