Halloween Destinations

Whilst Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Australia, it has definitely grown in popularity in recent years.  Let’s face it, we all love an excuse to dress up! Although we have fun with our own celebrations, a lot of us dream of going all out like we see on the movies.  So here are my READ MORE

The Top 5 Reasons you need to visit Margaret River

In the 2 years I lived in Western Australia, I did not take enough advantage of Margaret River being only a 3 hour drive away – probably because I had a very young child at the time but when I did get down there, it was amazing and I wished I had been sooner!  So READ MORE

How to choose the right tour for you

Here’s the things to look out for when choosing a tour company and specific tour that you might not already have considered. This can also be useful if you are comparing the idea of travelling independently or choosing a tour.

How to travel more responsibly

2020 has given us a year to appreciate what we had before our travels were put on hold. It’s also given us time to reflect on the way our travel affects the planet and what changes we can make to our own travels to create a positive impact.
Here are a few ways you can travel in a more responsible way when the world reopens:

Cairns Walks: Part One

The Arrow Walks One of the best things about living in Cairns is that the tropical rainforest is right on our doorstep. This is the first of a series of blogs detailing some of the magnificent free walks we have accessible to the public that you should definitely check out when you come to visit READ MORE

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

The story follows a young shepherd from Andalusia (that’s the Southernmost region of Spain including Gibraltar on the tip that almost touches Morocco). Like most travellers, he spends most of his youth dreaming of seeing the world but finds himself faced with a decision – buy more sheep, become a man and settle down or risk it all and follow his dreams.

Why you might want to reconsider a family motorhome holiday in New Zealand.

I know the idea of a family camping trip is built into the DNA of Australians (a lot of other nations too) but at the risk of being a Debbie Downer, I take the somewhat controversial stance that New Zealand is not the destination to fulfill the fantasies of a happy family motorhome holiday. Before you go booking that motorhome for your family of 5, I want you to consider a few things…

“Wild: A journey from lost to found” by Cheryl Strayed

The story of a young woman who finds herself emotionally lost after the death of her beloved mother and with no idea how to carry on living her life, she stumbles upon a book about the Pacific Crest Trail that runs from Mexico to Canada along the west coast of the USA and decides to undertake an epic 1100 mile (1770 Km) journey.