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Air Canada

The national airline of Canada flies an extensive network through Canada but also to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Asia, South America and Africa. I’ve flown with them myself and found them to be great – especially on the dreamliner 777 aircraft!

Brussels Airlines

Operating over 300 flights a week between Brussels in Belgium and over 90 European destinations as well as a few in North America and Africa. I’ve often found them to have very competitive rates – just watch to make sure you are choosing the right fare for your luggage requirements.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific used to fly out of Cairns direct to Hong Kong so I have booked countless people to fly with them. I always found them to have fantastic deals and good service and with just one stop in Hong Kong on the way to Europe, it’s a great option for those that just want to get there with minimal fuss.


The low cost airline operating routes throughout UK/Europe. Having flown with Easyjet and booked them countless times, they are exactly what you expect from any low cost operator – they will get you there in one piece and usually be the cheapest option but you won’t always like the flight times and you pay extra for baggage, meals, entertainment etc.

Etihad Airways

Operating routes from Australia (using Virgin Australia for regional departure points) through Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates onwards to a large number of destinations in UK/Europe, Africa, Middle East and North America. Check out their stopover program if you want to have a stay in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is only an hours drive away. I’ve always had good feedback about Etihad – especially their business class product.

Hawaiian Airlines

Operating flights from Hawaii to Australia, New Zealand and mainland USA, this airline is the perfect way to get between the Hawaiian Islands unless you want to cruise of course. They often have some fantastic fares and a great tip is to book your inter-island flights on the same ticket as your International one wherever possible as that will save you money and ensure you get the same baggage allowance for all your flights.

Korean Air

With direct flights to Seoul, South Korea, Korean Air have a wide network through North America, UK/Europe and Asia. If you find there’s an overnight stop in Seoul that is unavoidable, check to see if your fare is eligible for STPC accommodation – this is where the airline will put you up in a hotel for the night free of charge. It’s a great way to break the journey and arrive in your destination more refreshed without it affecting your pocket.


Lufthansa is a fantastic airline with a heap of routing options. Their main hubs are Frankfurt and Munich in Germany but as they are affiliated with Swiss Air and Austrian Air their network throughout Europe is unparalleled. They don’t actually fly into Australia so they have partnerships with a large number of other airlines so their fares from Australia give you a multitude of different stopover options on the way to Europe including South America, Africa, USA, Canada and Asia.

Qatar Airways

Having partnerships with Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin Australia, Qatar Airways can get you from anywhere within Australia to a huge list of destinations in UK/Europe, Africa, Middle East and North America travelling via their home hub of Doha in Qatar. I’ve seen some amazing deals with Qatar from time to time. They are also a member of the One World Alliance so you can get Qantas points on applicable flights.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines have been around a very long time and have always been known for their hospitality onboard. With direct routes to almost anywhere in the world and having offered direct routes from Cairns to Singapore and beyond, they have been one of my go-to airlines for a very long time. Their subsidiary airline, Silk Air, has a very extensive network throughout Asia and works in conjunction with Singapore Airlines flights.

United Airlines

With a very extensive network throughout the USA, United airlines are a household name. They do operate flights from Sydney to Los Angeles. Their main hubs in the USA are Houston, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Washington DC (Dulles) and Newark (New Jersey).


Vueling are one of the lesser known European Airlines but they do operate an extensive network throughout Europe. In particular, they fly to a lot of what I like to call secondary airports (the ones the major airlines don’t fly into) such as Ibiza, Verona, The Canary Islands, Lyon and Malta. They usually have some very reasonably priced fares too.