The Top 5 Reasons you need to visit Margaret River

In the 2 years I lived in Western Australia, I did not take enough advantage of Margaret River being only a 3 hour drive away – probably because I had a very young child at the time but when I did get down there, it was amazing and I wished I had been sooner!  So READ MORE

Cairns Walks: Part One

The Arrow Walks One of the best things about living in Cairns is that the tropical rainforest is right on our doorstep. This is the first of a series of blogs detailing some of the magnificent free walks we have accessible to the public that you should definitely check out when you come to visit READ MORE

“Wild: A journey from lost to found” by Cheryl Strayed

The story of a young woman who finds herself emotionally lost after the death of her beloved mother and with no idea how to carry on living her life, she stumbles upon a book about the Pacific Crest Trail that runs from Mexico to Canada along the west coast of the USA and decides to undertake an epic 1100 mile (1770 Km) journey.